By the inspiration and blessings of Shrotiya, Brahm-Nistha, Vitraga, Paramhans Sri Swami Dayanand Giri Ji Maharaj, his devotees Sh. Ram Kumar Mathur Ji (Retired Coach, Chattrasal Stadium, Delhi) and his brothers Dr. Y.S. Mathur Ji (Retired Professor, D.U.) , Sh. Phool Kanwar Ji (Retired Teacher, MCD), Late Sh. Raj Kumar Ji and Sh. Nahar Singh Ji laid the foundation of this School in 1991 and started serving the society on 01-04-1992.

At that time, very few schools were available in this area and students used to go towards Rohini to have the quality education. But not anyone could go there because the area being rural, the parents were mostly farmers and students were left to suffer. By the inspiration of Swami ji, we have gone to each and every village, colony nearby to create awareness regarding education.

Now students are getting their desired education in their area also and we are serving this rural area since 1993 by providing quality education to the children of surrounding villages and colonies.

The school has implemented the RTE Act of Directorate of Education and is following the CCE pattern of CBSE. The school has also implemented the fire safety measures and has obtained the NOC regarding fire safety.

M.S Model School History Photos